Adirondack Rock


UTM (NAD-83):

Type in the zone (18 for the Adirondacks), easting, and northing, then click Go. These values are non-fractional, and appear as a comma-separated pair in the guidebook, such as 619271,4917806 (for the Poke-O Moonshine parking).

Type in your UTM or lon/lat coordinates, separated by commas or spaces. Examples:

Lon/Lat: -73.723474 44.127011
Lat/lon: 44.127011 -73.723474
UTM: 18T 602126 4886772
UTM: 18 602126 4886772
UTM: 602126,4886772
UTM: 602126 4886772


Type in the longitude (always negative for the Adirondacks) and latitude, then select Go. These values are fractional degrees, such as -73.502160 44.403722 (for the Poke-O Moonshine parking).

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Private Land Relief Shading Cliffs Park Boundary Book Regions Counties (Parcel Viewers)

Poke-O Moonshine

Main Face

Upper Tiers


Yando Wall

Black Market Wall

Heart of Gold Buttress

West Side

Split Rock Canyon (new)

Iron Mountain (new)

King Philips Spring Wall


Big Red Wall

Geiko Cave

Alligator Skin Area

Life is Short Wall

Frontiertown Crags

The Greenhouse

Spoof Wall

Pipeline Wall

Boquet River Crags

Whitewater Walls

Spanky's Area

The Peasant Crags

King Wall

Chapel Pond Gully Cliff

Washbowl Pond

Left Side

Right Side

P.E. Wall

Lower Washbowl

Beer Walls

Upper Beer Wall

Lower Beer Wall

Case Wall

Icy Brook Cliffs (new)

Left Section (new)

Right Section (new)

Typhoon Wall

Seagull Ledge Routes

Talons of Power Wall

Little Crow Mountain

Citrus Wall

Little Rascals Boulder

Left End

Lick It Up Wall

Gunsight Gully

Coy Dog Buttress

Celibacy Wall

Pitchoff Ridge Trail Domes

Pitchoff Chimney Cliff

The Girdles

Between the Lakes

Dirty Diana Area

Notch Mountain

Summit Cliffs


Moss Cliff

Olympic Acres

Giant Mountain

Gothics Mountain

West Face

Basin Mountain

Southeast Face

Mt Marcy

Mt Haystack (new)

Panther Gorge (new)

Avalanche Lake

East Face of Avalanche Mountain

Dix Mountain

Hoffman Notch

Neanderthal Cave

Big Wall

Jackass Buttress

Desert Shield Area

Politico Wall

Tang Wall

Circus Wall

Buck Mountain

New Buck Left

New Buck Right

Pilot Knob Mountain

Silly Slab

Lower Left Wall

Main Face

Right Buttress

Rogers Rock

Psycho Slab

Black Triangle Wall

The Apron

Rogers Slide

Fly Brook Valley

Left End

Center Section

The Nightcap

Right End

Serpent Wall

Project Wall

Lakeview Wall

Sunset Arete Area

Columbine Terrace Area

Pharaoh Mountain

Stones of Shame Amphitheater

Updraft Area

South End

Summit Cliffs

Devil's Washdish Cliff

Crane Mountain

Crane West

Beardsley Buttress

Central Crane

Main Slab

Father's Day Slab

Summit Cliffs

Summit Face

Main Face

Ladder Area

Rock of Ages Buttress

Cornerstone Buttress

Lost and Weary Slab

Crane East

Measles Group

Belleview Area

Water Slip Downs (new)

South Corner Cliffs

Mad Cows Wall

Provando Wall

Chikon' Chickens Wall

Jammer Wall

Animal Charm Wall

Pinnacle Overlook


Right End Buttress

Providence Area

Prone to Wander Wall

Left End Blockade (new)

Huckleberry Mountain

Four Pines Buttress

Desperate Passage Area

Upper Boneyard

Great Dihedral Area

Tucker Wall

Iowa Wall

Hard Guy Wall

Shanty Knob

Main Face

Squatter Wall

Shanty Sports Arena

Shanty Slab

Left End

Loon Roof Area

Too Close for Comfort Buttress

Rodeo Buttress

Baldface Mountain

Harris Rift Mountain (new)

Lower Wall (new)

White Wall

Perseid Area

Ledge Area

Right End

Moxham Mountain (new)

Twister Glade Area

Cirque Glade Area

Chatiemac Cliff (new)

Lost Crags

Northern Wall

Ball Cap

Griffith Wall

Southern Wall

Left End (new)

Buscuit Buttress (new)

Beaver Wall (new)

Right End (new)

Far Left End

Broken Mirror Buttress

Main Face

Medicine Man Buttress

Good Luck Boulder

Summit Cliff

The Black Wall

Panther Mountain

West Mountain

The Slab

Ice Cave Mountain

Bald Mountain

Hitchins Pond Cliff

Cat Mountain

Azure Mountain

Upper Left End

Dinner Table Routes


Right End

Santa Clara Tract

Twain Town Area

Deer Hunter Area

Left End

Main Face

Deerfly Slab

Blackfly Slab

Loon Lake Mountains

Catamount Mountain

Silver Lake

C Chimney Cliff

Summit Cliff

Center of Progress Cliff

Laundromat Ledge

Main Face

Potter Mountain Cliff

Mud Pond Cliff

Silver Lake Mountain Summit Areas

Clements Pond Trail

Upper Wall

Lower Wall

Blueberry Hill (new)

Crags closed to the public