Access Issues

East Hill Crag [Page 277, first printing]

East Hill Crag is on private property. No climbing here without explicit permission from the land owner. Also, the approach trail, marked with DEC trail markers, goes through private property, so please be respectful of local land owners, especially with your parking.

(This cliff appeared in the first printing, and was removed in the second printing.)

Huckleberry Mountain [Page 492, first printing]

Huckleberry Mountain is a popular day hiking destination with its attractive open summit and the historic Paint Mine Ruins. It's also a popular climbing destination with 55 routes up to 5.12, with a heavy emphasis on moderate routes. The Huckleberry/Crane massif is completely surrounded by private land.

The approach to Huckleberry Mountain from Paintbed Road, described on pages 492–493, crosses two parcels of private land before entering state land. The approach is the same as that for the Paint Mine Ruins, and has long been described in various hiking and climbing guidebooks to the region. These owners have recently posted their property and are now threatening to prosecute trespassers.

Until further notice, don't use this approach.

(The second printing describes the correct approach.)

Alternative Approach: Huckleberry Mountain and Crane Mountain are completely surrounded by private land. The only access point for Huckleberry Mountain that stays entirely on state land is from the Crane Mountain trailhead, on the south side of Crane Mountain, at the end of Sky High Road (described on page 477, map page 481). Unfortunately, this approach requires that you walk over Crane Mountain, an elevation gain and loss of approximately 800'.

Follow the hiking trail to Crane Mountain Pond, about 45 minutes. From the northwest corner of the pond 18T 582868 4822724, begin bushwhacking: follow the drainage area north and pick up a stream 18T 582992 4823160 that swings east, then back north. Once in the valley between Huckleberry and Crane 18T 583672 4823704, proceed northwest to the height of the pass and pick up the old logging road near the Paint Mine Ruins. Follow the road northwest to the a large car-sized boulder on the right with a cairn on top 18T 582632 4824297. This is the marker for the Main Cliff and the Hard Guy Wall (page 499). The approach takes about two hours.

This approach is far from ideal, and makes it difficult to visit Huckleberry as a single day destination. Still, with 55 routes, range of difficulty grades, and excellent top-end routes, it's a worthwhile destination. There is water and excellent camping at Crane Mountain Pond, and probably in the valley around the Paint Mine Ruins. With the difficulty of the approach, you are virtually guaranteed seclusion.